Opening Apps in a Webview

How to open another app when in webview…like open playstore for downloading app…
2) unable to upload images in webview like fb.
Please help me out…with clear block

You can open any playstore app through webviewer using these blocks

2nd you can’t upload anything through webviewer because currently it is not supported.

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Thanks for Block , But it’s not working…

Would be great if you could tell us the exact errors.
The more the info we have, the more we can help you out.

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I think your URL is wrong.
Open it in chrome or any other browser.

No, it’s working fine in chrome…in webview when I click on open in playstore it showing above image error

Hope this helps!

Open in external browser is enabled?

In Contains Text Piece block write “market://details?id=” in piece join

its not working…showing same error

write market://details?id= instead of

Tired but not working

Then now you need package name and class of Play Store.
I am not sure this will work or not.