OpenRouteService Road Navigation Extension

#OpenRouteService Navigation Extension

The Navigation extension generates directions between two locations using a service called OpenRouteService. You must provide a valid API key from that service in order for this extension to work.


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Documentation to use this extension

Available Here Navigation Extension Docs

You Can Also Refer:-


Directly com.kode.navigation.aix (562.7 KB)
From GitHub com.kode.navigation.aix (562.7 KB)

Test AIA Navigation.aia (563.6 KB)
Note: This extension requires an API key to work so For Security I can’t give my API keys so Please obtain your own from

The Source Code Is The Modified Version Of the Navigation component in MIT AI2 App Inventor. This source of the Property Of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I don’t know JAVA much, so I Asked help to @Mohamed_Tamer. And he helped me a lot.
Thanks To @Mohamed_Tamer For Helping Me Build The Extension.

The Source code of this extension is available at GitHub:

Contributors are Welcome. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Note Your App Will Crash If You Build .APK Without The Maps Component (Not Google Maps) As It Is A Dependency.


Another great extension. Good job !

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Nice work. You should maybe explain that this will only work with the OpenStreetmap component and not with the Googlemap component.


Hi @Peter,

I didn’t check that. Did you?

No i didn’t, but open openrouteservice is especially made to work with openstreetmap. I see that the opensourceservice site is down.


Great extension @LetsCode And thanks for munitioning me :grin: :…

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Yeah, but until we check we can’t be sure.

That I too checked, the Main website is down, but it looks like API server is still working…

The site is back up

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Great extension.but I am confusion about design part​:thinking:

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Yeah I have Checked That, It came Back around 2020-08-14T11:30:00Z

This extension is tested to work fine. And will work on implementation in Koded Apps. If correctly used. :wink:

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Also note that this component will be available in Kodular soon so this extension will cause compatibility issues in the future.


In this video Evan Patton explains a lot of features for the openstreetmap component and also the navigation component.


Curious To See That…
Made This Extension So That Koders Won’t Get Outdated…

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Nice extension!!

Why you write always in Bold?? :thinking:

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Thank You @DevYB

I Did’t get you…
I see that I usually write in normal font.

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I removed the bold. It looks like you are shouting.

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Sorry :sweat_smile:, That one was to show my curiosity about that component.

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Nice work :pray:

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I will soon provide the test aia

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