How to het instruction of navigation step by step?

Helle everyone :slight_smile: !
I first time sorry for my bad english i’m french.
I need some help for a big projet that i can say but this problem is that i don’t know how to get step by step instruction of navigation like google maps. The idea is that every instruction be send in a arduino card with bluetooth and everytime that the way change a informations as send to the arduino for be displayed on a tiny screen so if you have an idea for make that please help me and tanks you in advance for your help. :wink:

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The open route api gives you step by step the path between 2 points.
This is your first challenge.
Use Component Web + Api from that site.

Like every API, they provide examples of scrpits. I used these examples and adapted them to my needs. I put this script on my host and with the web component I spent the 2 points (start and destination)


The navigation component in the maps category connects to


I did not specify but I know how to place 2 points on a map and draw a path but I cannot get navigation instructions

Tank you for your help but i ever seen this project and i have the error 4003 and 401 sot it is not fonctionnal with me and can you show me an exemple please ?

Maybe show your blocks?

I already have this little piece of code but I know the how to put 2 points to draw a line.Lunettes_copie.aia (2.9 KB)

Friend, post yours blocks, no need aia file.

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[quote=“Rogerio_Rios, post:9, topic:114097, full:true”]
Friend, post yours blocks, no need aia file.
[/quote]ok tank you

Sorry … I had not used the component mentioned by @Peter. I created it (before the component was created … and forgot that it existed :upside_down_face:)
I did a test as a component.
This is a example :

Get your Key at Open Ruoute
Take the starting latitude and longitude
Take latitude and longitude destination
Define the method that will make your way
Call the method to make the request to the API
Use the GotDirections event to:
take the route “turn left, turn right …”
take your latitudes and longitudes to plot your Polyline (with these values you draw your path)
take the distance value and the number of steps.


This is verry good tank you very much but i don’t understand one thing for put the starting and final latitude and longitude we can use a system for writ the adresse ?

If I understood correctly the route is given as a notification, is that correct ?

Only an example.
Look that, What do you understand these parameters / returns are?
Are returned values.

Without this “Navigation” component, you would have to do as I did: create a script (I did it in PHP), get the Json back and treat it, getting the information you want. Now with few blocks you can do the same thing. :thumbsup:

Now, to learn, you must read about it.

Search for a method / procedure that gives you what you need.

Tank you, finally i understand everything but the new problem is that now we have instruction but can we modifie, for exemple when it’s written the instruction i want to put a arrow showing direction thi

Now , You need : Research,Dedication, Studies and Effort.


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Ok tanks a lot i will make some recherch now :wink:.

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