OpenRouteService Road Navigation Extension


ORS URL to ORS api

Service url to ORS URL

That is a something to support the implementation. it sets the service url by default to the openrouteservice url.In the feature there will be a property setter for that.

Ok, but how do you know that?
Did you see this

That is Reserved for future use in case they decide to run their own service some day.

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I think till that Kodular will include it in the creator as @Conor said in staring posts.

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Yes, that what i meant. As you see. Beside the @SimpleProperty interface.There is (userVisible = false) which means that the user can’t see it.

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I uploaded aia file given by the developer. and replaced api key with mine., rest everything is same.
And after opening app, it shows ERROR 4003

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block code just this???

Is it free or not? How many times can I send a request every day?

why show error 4003? :thinking: :sleepy:

Please read and look into the first post !!!
You can found and download the extension…

The Extension is totally FREE but the service by has limits on its free tier.

But it is enough to be used with a normal mobile app.

API Restrictions | Openrouteservice

And its pricing has only one plan i.e. FREE plan

Plans | Openrouteservice

Directions (2,000 requests per day @40 requests per minute)

The AIA File Had little code mismatches so it was showing the errors. Try with the latest AIA, it should work :slightly_smiling_face:.

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This Extension is no longer needed as Kodular has its own navigation component now…
Read More here

However, if you want to still use this extension, you can as it is not creating any issues in kodular creator v1.4D.0. This helps you to go to other builder easily, But I suggest you to stay here :slightly_smiling_face:.

Happy Koding

But I will Still Try Update This Extension For More Features :wink: