OTP Login Screen, Beautiful UI [FREE]

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Login Ui Design

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Hey There, Koders!, I have koded an app, which has a beautiful UI, It has a working system, you can use it in your app for Free.


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new_login_ui_design.aia (242.6 KB)


If Any Problem, Tell Me By Mentioning.

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Quite interestion. I would recommend to work on color contrast because UI is barely visible.


I loved the keypad you made :heart_eyes:

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Sure, thanks for your suggestion, i will surely work on your idea and update you soon. Thanks once again.

Thanks :slight_smile: , if you want you can use it for free too.

The aia project is hard coded to India locale (+91)

User will need an option to set their locale.

In blocks section you can change that, but I will too add that option for users soon.

Thanks dear, I’ll surely use it for my next application :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Sure, you are free to use it.

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