[PAID] Admob Ads : Monetization made easy (for kodular premium)

An extension for integrating admob / admanager ads with bidding


Supported Ads types

Banners (Admob / Admanager)
Interstitials (Admob / Admanager)
AppOpen (Admob / Admanagers)
Rewarded (Admob / Admanager)
Rewarded Interstitials (Admob / Admanager)
Native Ads (Admob / Admanager)

Demo Video


Thanks for Baxolino for sponsoring the extension!

To buy

Dm me


What is the price?

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Hi, would be dependent of following:

  1. Ads types you select
  2. Mediation Partners you select
  3. Admob or Admanager (or maybe both)

You are free to dm with your queries

How do I buy an extension?

You could dm, we can discuss payment methods

How do I send you a message on dm to buy the extension?

Since you are new, i sent you a dm

Can i bidding with facebook ads? Also, can i show unity and IronSorce in the mediation with this extension?


If adapters are available : YES

Nice :blush: Hehe :sweat_smile:

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Hi, how does it work, after I buy it, can I use my apps id myself? no commission? Is it dangerous to get in trouble with Google for using extension?
In my case I just want the admob banner.

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please I would like to use only admob ads (interstitial, banner and reward) can you tell me the value, and how do I contact you to make the payment?

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Hi, sent you a dm

What is the price for aix?

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you asked too many Questions

Note : price isn’t mentioned in post because it depends on country of user, ad formats he/she wants, mediation networks he/she wants, etc…etc…


How long will it take to send me the extension? It’s been 24 hours since I bought

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Hi, i was out of house, I am back now :slight_smile:

Crossing 50 sales :slight_smile: the buyers of aix this week will get any mediation network free of any inclusions in price

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