(Paid) Full App Movie online

The application is designed so that only have to change (Logo and Firebase credentials)
Everything is configured from firebase.

Well, there is not much to say here, they are the typical session screens

The home screen list (Most viewed - Most rated - releases) also Continue watching

Then we have the main menu and the details view of the movie. detailed information and covers are loaded by the TMDB API.
To load movies you only need the URL and the movie ID from TMDB, the rest is loaded by itself

It has a search engine for titles and group rooms, I will comment shortly on what the rooms are

From the user account you can configure the language and create additional profiles, to which you can limit access to movie genres and place independent passwords in the same way it is possible to protect the main account, the additional profiles lack this possibility.

As you can see, in details of the movies, it has a side menu where, among other options, you can find (download covers and create a room)

When creating a room, what we will do is share a movie with a certain group of users who will simultaneously view it in sync. Whoever created the room manages the playback and availability of the chat.

The room can be public or private and the number of users can be limited.

once created, it shows us the ID of the room to enter from the search engine and a direct access QR

Group room view

creator user full screen view

Guest user full screen view (Not control movie)

In full screen without leaving the mode you can send and view the messages at the top

The application has 2 types of accounts

  • (Free)
  • (Subscription)

Free accounts have some limitations

As this is a trial application, both options are available, just clicking on the “UPGRADE” button changes to premium


The admin app is irrelevant for this post, but I wanted to show it, uploading movies only requires 2 pieces of information, the title and the link.
the rest of the data is automatically loaded by the TMDB API

Additional Information.
The application does not include the titles.
The platform does not host movie files, only links.

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Google Drive: APK DOWNLOAD


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