[PAID] Ironsource Ads for Kodular (SDK

An aix for Ironsource Ads (bidding with Facebook ads is supported)




This aix needs kodular premium in order to work

To buy
Dm me


Nice!! Admob and Facebook SDK is Fully Up to Date?

yes it is :slightly_smiling_face:

How much price? You have a any demo video? How to bidding of this aix?

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A tutorial of implementation along with an aia shall be provided after purchase

Good marketing strategy :grinning:, Nice one.

So ad extension is allowed for premium user is it?


Yes, extension is allowed for premium user

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Please clear me.

Can I use AdMob + Facebook ads with Bidding in Ironsource via this extension?
I am a premium user.

Also what does it cost.

Yes, you can dm for details

I paid you but you didn’t send me extension
When i will get my extension??

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Hi, I guess you didnt inform me of the payment :sweat_smile: and it got missed with the other clients

I sent it in dm, kindly take a look and leave your reviews in this post :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Independence Day :india:

Get the aix with any Mediation for just Rs 450 INR of 6.7usd

Jai Hind


An update

SDK Updated to 7.2.7

All blocks rebuilt, migration guide available



  • Added new blocks
  • Bidding Support for
    1. Admob
    2. Adcolony
    3. Chartboost
    4. Facebook
    5. Inmobi
    6. Smaato
    7. Tapjoy
    8. Unity
    9. Vungle
  • Minimized bugs
  • Sdk Updated to 7.2.7
  • Added more customization options

Thank you.

If you’re an existing buyer, knock me in dm or at Telegram: Contact @beastunknown2166

Dm me for information about buying


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Hello. Do you plan to add support for Yandex mediation?

When will the fix for bidding with Facebook be ready?
Currently the bidding is not working at all

I’m currently shifting so I’d be available after 2april

A major release.

  • SDK Updated to latest version.
  • Fixed Some Bugs
  • Under Testing : Facebook Ads

@Point Kindly dm me so that I can test the update with your ids

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hello i wanted to buy your extension