Paid Mobile DTH Recharge Electricity Gas Bill Payment Extensions [India]

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Great extension :partying_face:
But i think you need to put the url of the website we will get the api key from.
But Please follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names, no underscores .
By @Taifun


How to buy api and token is it paid also or including with extension

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Link Is Posted To Get API Key


Great Extension :ok_hand:
Some suggestions
Add ( india ) in title as it’s only for India.
And link from.where we can get token, key, etc.

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Also please:

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Nice work!

Ok In Extension I Will Take Care About It

Even I am thinking same…

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some reviews about this site

According to quora this site charge a high commission on every purchase


I Don’t Think So Because I have used It

**even I can’t able to signup **

I am not making review by own and doesn’t hate your extension , these are review given by Google search and you got review.

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Try Again Later Some Time Website Gone Down Due To Many Users ,

Some Time Many Peoples Can’t Understand Privacy Police And After Then They Loose Money So Posted That It’s Fake But I am Sure This Website Is Most Trusted Website And Giving Better Profite For free To Startup Recharge Business

I Will Move To Another Website In Next Update

Its fake and fraud company which uses others provider and give service.
So i suggest dont invest for api.

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98% Of API Providers Company Used Other’s Service To Provide Service

thank you @Mohamed_Tamer… the naming conventions have not been invented by me, they have been setup by the MIT App Inventor team to make life easier for everyone working with App Inventor or one of its distributions…

@Srrazmi, I already explained in detail, why we are using naming conventions

Feel free to use your own naming conventions in your own project, but if you like to provide an extension for others, then please follow the already defined naming conventions to make life easier for everyone.

Thank you.



How To Buy Extension

PM @Srrazmi

Yes ! This Habit Does Not Go Away, But I Am Trying To Throw It
Thank You Again

Reachapi is a scam website, when I added money to the Reachapi wallet to recharge my mobile, it shows zero balance in the wallet, their support team does not respond to this. :face_with_monocle: