[Paid] Professional Shopping app with Multi Category system

Hello dear lovely koders, Today i am going to introduce you with My first app “the Professional Shopping app”. This app contains the following features:

1.Splash screen
2.Login screen (directly with google)
3.Professional dashboard
4.category system
5.Profile screen
6.More options (Privacy policy, Terms & condition, Contact us, Follow on social media)
7.Push Notification system
8.Update popup

Main app screenshots  - 

Admin app:

1.Update Banners
2.Send Push notification
3.Update the delivery status to - packed,shipped and ordered
4.Add, update & delete products.
5.Show and hide categories.
6.Directly send invoice to the user.

Pros of app
1.Super fast
2.No lag
3.Less than 10 mb
4.Low price
5.Easy to use.

Cons of app
1.Connected to firebase
2.Currently support Cash on delivery payments (COD)

What i will get this in package?

Ans: You will get the aia of Main app + Admin app + App downloading website + Lifetime updates.

App Price - ruppes399 or 5.5$

Mode of payment - You can contact me on telegram { K_coders }to buy this package.
Note - User have to buy Onesignal extension for enabling push notifications.
Very Very thanks to kodular to make this awesome platform.

:heart::heart: Happy coding.

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