Paint app tutorial

hi today you must be thinking you wanna create a painting app if you see them.

So this tutorial will tell u how to create a paint type of app.

components for app

canvas for color another for clearing

blocks (5)
for drawing
blocks (7)
for colors
blocks (8)
for clearing


paint (1).apk (5.2 MB)


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    AIA (optional)
    paint.aia (1.9 KB)

if i increase the line width then it don’t looks this great.


Very Nice Guide … But You Can Add More Features Like Color Changing , Line Width Changing , Undo & Redo …

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yes i will also make an app of it in that u can see it
well thanks addylin and Dattaraj

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well i am sorry for my bad drawing

Like i explained in another post. Explain what each block does en how it could be expanded more. Maybe extend it yourself already. And just post the aia here instead of that users have to pm you. Else it is not a real guide. I unlist it for the moment.


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Thanks for listing

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, but you need to work a little more if you want to make a guide. For example, use proper grammar, spelling, uppercase and lowercase letter, etc.
Also and more important, please explain step by step what each part of your code does.

There are lots of good guides in the category to look at. One good example for you to follow would be this one: Simple use of dictionary and TinyDB


Dear @Ekansh_Pandit, you did a great work.
Try to improve the app by adding more features.
You can do it.

Keep koding…
All the best.

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Nice Guide

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yes in coming days an app with good UI will sure come

thanks :kodular:

Nice Start. I suggest you to add blocks for the creation of circles at the edges (keeping their radius half of the line width) otherwise the curves will have sharp cuts as noticed by @ADDYLIN . Also add colour changing and eraser option and this guide will become complete and more useful.
If you want you can refer to AIA provided here

and explain its logic too.


sure @Ansh_Anand :blush:

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thanks a lot

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