Pandroza thumbnail extension not work in apk

I want to show video thumbnail so i used pandroza thumbnail extension. This extension work properly in live test but whenever i download apk it,s does not work.

Kindly search in community first


Wich permission

Maybe The permission that is described in the link Ammar gave you?:thinking:

And please, it is always a good idea to check the grammar before Posting. His name is Pedroza and not Pandroza!

sorry for Grammar mistake…

Now i got video thumbnail but it tooks to long time…

do you want to load youtube video thumbnail

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Yes, it is pedroza thumbnail extension

Can you please help me…

No. i want to load thumbnail from my gallery video…

check this thread

i checked it but i didn’t get any solution

I want to make whatsapp status saver application

again its thread!

i already check it.

Since it works in companion, there is two things that might be wrong

  1. you are not asking for permission
  2. new bug since the new release, custom package name doesn’t work properly

which permission ?

I asked for this permission.


Since it doesn’t have WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE it wont work, so instead for read ask for write permission

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