Pdf Book App showing in app

Im creating an pdf app. But i want to show the book with out using google drive link bcz it is seems cheap.how can i do that? And want to save the book for latter so that the can read it offline

Use in app pdf viewer extension

But doing that, can users Download that book in app or it wilk already be in that app?

You can load pdf from Asset

You can use Download component to download pdf & store value to Tiny DB

If it’s downloaded you can load from storage through call Tiny DB.Get Value Block




Nothing will be cheap.
I suggest you make a online pdf book app. Because in offline user should be download the book.
If you dont want to show the gdrive address use webviever component.


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@111685 Community’s official lanquage is English, please edit your post

Don’t use hinglish but i got what you wants so share the screen shot how its looking ?

The heading, i dont wanna show them when it show on web view…how to do it?

I want in app PDF viewer extension, can anyone help me with it please?