Pdf size more than 50 mb

I am develoaping app for newspapers.
as we know for newspapers we have to update it dialy.so we can not use it offline.
most of newspapers pdfs are larger than 50 mb
so it will take lot of time to load
right now i am using activity starter to load pdf in user device,but its taking too much time.So any other option to deal with such a large pdf files?

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Split the PDF into 5, 6, … 10 parts and load them one after the other. After downloading the first part, display it while the rest are downloading in the background.


Can you elaborate more… because I have same issue

thanx for reply,
can you provide any example?

Search in comunnity about This subject ok ?

I can not find such documentation (split pdf) in community…If someone can provide any related link,that will be helpful

is it possible, to compress pdf file before you show? internet have online pdf compressors.

Still it will compress it about 70 mb to 25-30 mb…and also will reduce its quality…
And as user mentioned,she is making newspaper app.so user will need to zoom it and read it …it must having good quality

I think my suggestion is simple enough. What should be explained in more detail?

If the problem is how to split a PDF file, then it’s not a question for Kodular, it’s a question for Google. There are dozens of tools that can do this.

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Nope,it not a matter of splitting pdf
It’s matter hof how to display this splitted pdf as single pdf to user…
Because user will only click once

If the user / reader has reached / read the end of the first PDF part, for example show a button to the new PDF file (part 2) and so on …

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I think it’s not possible to merge the PDF parts into one PDF in the app.

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This kind of pdf reader might be helpful
But I don’t know which reader is this
This loads page one by one…so it might work good for large file

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Yes,I think this kind of PDF reader can be used to load large file…as i can see its loading pages one by one…Can any one give detail about it?

I split a PDF file (46MB) with 24 pages into 24 parts, downloaded it into the ASD and displayed it from there:


Would u like to share blocks?

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Very good work mam

is it any pdf viewer or its getting open in webviewer

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