Playerzon PUBG Tournament App aia file with Admin Panel

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Playerzon PUBG Tournament App aia file with Admin Panel and Paytm Extension to get payment from players.

I used my friend @Deep_Host Extension in app to sponser it as well.

Platform : Kodular

Price : Rs 800 ( Paytm 8744958220 )
Paypal $20 PayPal.Me

Sample APK :

Details of Application :
Totally Dynamic application connected with firebase. and airtable .
High quality user interface and 100 % bugs free app.
4 matches details can be shown at a time in the app.
List of joined players shown in admin panel app

To buy aia file on discount , purchase the aia file from my Dafaq Store App :

Video :


Contact me for any query or suggestion :

Whatsapp : +918744958220 ( )
Email : [email protected]

Im thankful to kodular developers for providing such platform to develop aia files and apps.

Hitesh K. Yadav
Dafaq Developers

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I unlist this at the moment. Is the paytm extension free to spread with an aia? Is it yours?

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yes sir the extension is of my friend named deep host . we are sponsoring the extension with this app as well.

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Deep host and i work together. he creates extension and i create aia files. we sponser each other projects in our projects.


Maybe you should state that in your first post to avoid confusion.

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never mind for that. i mention it now

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Are these apps allowed to run in Google Play?

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No play store dont allow those type of apps