PlayStore Upload Error

Hello Koders
I am uploading a app on playstore. i got an error like this
is there any way to solve this error

Upload failed The package could not be found for the uploaded APK or Android App Bundle. This is probably caused by another browser changing this application at the same time. Please refresh the page and try again.

I Have Tried 2-3 Times But the same error is occuring

Have you a custom package name ? If yes than find is it already in playstore or not

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I Have Searched It. There Is No Other Similar Package Name

Reupload by changing the package name and change the version name and code and try to upload in any other browser.

What Does It Mean ??? Is My Console acc is Hacked???

Probably not , don’t be negative just try what i write above

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Are you opening the same tab? Close one of them
And maybe try empty cache and hard reload, if you are in Chrome or chromium based browser

Still Not Worked


It is chrome dev

Clear cookies and try a different browser, preferably different device actually


I also write this @Vedang

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Wait i will try to upload it with firefox

Yes, please do so as well.

oops :sweat_smile:

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The apk you are trying to upload might be corrupted.

Re-build your apk file from Kodular and try to upload it.

It worked in firefox

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