Please give me some advice?

Im new here at kodular and im happy to be part of it.

recently i upload an app on playstore “Its QR Code Scanner” but playstore reject with
it is because of the ads ? its work properly on test ad before using google admob test. but now not working … 3


i try to publish my app in apk pure but no ads at all. thankyou.

my ads is 4 only
2 ad banners in bottom
1 admob interstitial
1 admob rvideo

or i need to remove rewarded video ? and make it 3 ads only . thankyou
for your advise

Dont use 2 banner in one screen and dont call inster ads on screen initialize,

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thankyou i remove my another banner.

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Yes , i think you must read there community guidelines , they dont allow 2 banners in one screen also you cant load instertisial ads on screen initialize and you cant change screen when calling any ads, always change screen after ad closed and not displaying or calling any ads while screen change or close

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I find it always amazing when a user tells he is new but already want to add ads in his app. Why not learn first how to use Kodular and then when you make something special you can always add some ads.

Google also reject apps of low quality. So again start learning Kodular first.


Sounds like an earning app.

i read it. but i didnt know the admob banner will not work if i use VIEW Pager. maybe im being careful next time to it. and instead of two admob banner i put only one. then call it if the view pager move to another screen. thankyou samiu8336

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Thankyou for your advice.
Sir Peter my Ads is not visible. when i uploaded to playstore and its approved
and when im updating the app with 4 ads its rejected.

i use view pager (2 pages )
and call 1 admob and other screen 1 admob banner
then i initialize the interstitial to load the ads if they click rate us on playstore &
then my rewarded video ads its appear after the user stay 30 mins in my app its limited by 1 video per day.

then my interstitial will Show if the users is Generate the Button for QR Code. i add enable capping on my admob . “twice per day on interstitial”

i think the problem is my admob banner because i use view pager.
then call 2 admob banner to load it when screen initialize. now i submit new Processing update it takes 3-7 days if my app was going to approve thank you

its QR Code Reader sir. here is my app 3

its live on Google play in beta testing
then for 1 months

Thankyou for your Advise and Commentary
sorry for my english.
More power to Kodular Community.

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