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PMD SIS, the most popular app that aims to provide the best quality services to its users. We do not provide any fake links. PMD SIS provides you, useful tools relating to check Total SIMs on CNIC, Get SIM Data, Sim Owner Name, Sim Number Location, PTA Device Verification System, Check SIM Number, ID Card Details and NADRA Data:

05 :

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You are using only web viewer and playstore approved strange .
But you have to reedit your screenshot the caption is not good.

  1. You just bombarded me with interstitial ads
  2. Are you joking? Ads on a web viewer? Is that why you cut off the screen in the last screenshot?
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It also looks like the 5* reviews have been purchased or he has asked friends to provide them.

An app with so many ads will get negative reviews. There is only one 1* review that talks about the ads.

Also he’s put a 5* star review himself as well.

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Only one interstitial ad is set on every button.

That is not allowed, because that’s accidental-click. Also, neither is ads on a screen which has a web viewer allowed.

Me. The point is the spread the truth.

Toooo ads.
Tired :tired_face: of ads.
Uninstalled after 5 minutes


Very good, @Mateja!

Ads are a component in your apps, which should be used wisely.

Since these Ads bring you money, your instinct wants to put more and more in the app.
But if you do that, your actual income will probably be less than before bc your app is unistalled from many devices.

Second thing is, if you don’t mind, in my opinion, ads are a dangerous thing that can make a totally awesome app boring and annoying thing.

The users of your app are in the first order, not to gain money. So, please, think of your ads behaviour and your behaviour of your users will also be better.

That’s it, I hope you didn’t take that abusive.


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I just disable ads

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