[POLL] Custom App Templates/Designs For You

Hello Makeroid Community!

I came up with an idea on my mind and before starting it, I would like to ask all of you if anyone of you will be interested.

Before starting I would like to mention that I’m not only an Android Developer, but also a great designer. So the idea I’m going to explain in a few seconds is because of this.

I plan on designing/creating custom app templates with everyone for free. Just like Android Studios’.

For example:

  • A browser template: Browser theme will have a search bar at the top, a webview at the center and a toolbox at the bottom, or inside the 3-dot menu.
  • A Settings Page: A settings page will have checkboxes for options the user of your app can change, titles for description and an about page link (button) at the bottom.
  • etc.

I can make these templates based on your custom wishes and I will be publishing these templates on my website so you can download it directly and free.

If they want, @Kodular Developers can also use these templates to integrate to Makeroid at the launch of a project (I’ve mentioned this idea to them before).

Please help me decide voting to the poll below.

  • You should do it :+1:
  • No, don’t do it :-1:

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Thank you all for your support, also please share your thoughts by replying :slight_smile:

Note: Please mind that these are templates and they will NOT include code and functionality.

We’re already working on something similar


According to the poll results, I should do it!

Thank you all for your interest, I’m going to start ASAP.

Please tell me what kind of template would you like aside of the default ones.

There might be delays delivering you the templates I’ve designed (still designing) because of the Compiler outage.

I like what you do for our builder really much, because you do a lot.
But don’t spend much time for templates.

@Vishwas and @sivagiri are working on templates for our builder.


@TurboProgramming I see your enthusiasm in helping us out here. If you’re really into making templates, we suggest you trash the basic ones like “blank”, “maps” or “settings”; because we’re already working on these.
It would be great if you could come up with more specialised templates like Firebase login, or camera view.


OK :slightly_smiling_face:, I will try my best.

@TurboProgramming I already made the Firebase Login Template. (New thread in Maked Apps > Open Source) You can suggest features if you want.


I’m working on something special now :grin:

It should be ready in a few days.

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Hey !
Great news :koala:!
Horever, is it normal your website show this:

Have a nice work,

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Forgot payment :slight_smile:

It’s now accessible.

Thank you for reporting the situation. You can now access it here: https://ardacebi.com

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Community, sorry for the delay. I currently don’t have time working for it because of school work, but I’m working very hard on it.

Hope you can understand the situation.
Thank you all.

Wow, great website(s) !

Have a nice work,

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Thank you, glad you liked it :+1:

Worked so hard on it. (Still working on it)