Pollfish question

I implemented the Pollish Surevey in my app and with enabling the test mode, the survey just not appearing at all. For testing I create a button and once the button get clicked a survey should show by ‘Call Survey Show’ block but its not showing and not working at all. How to correctly implement the Pollish survey in my apps.

@naveenmali_developer Survey should open if:

  • Pollfish API is correct
  • Test Mode is checked
  • TestMode is unchecked, but app is approved by Pollfish
  • “Survey Received” event-block is triggered indicating that Survey is received and is ready to “Show Survey”

If you have followed above and still not seeing, then put a basic (simple) .aia together and share only with Kodular group

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Some questions:

  • Do I need to verify my Pollfish account even if I want to show test Surveys?? In Pollfish dashboard I am seeing in app settings that (SDK done, Publish done, Verify Account not done). Is this occurring the problem??
  • I need to test the Survey first like we do with admob. I have followed same blocks of Kodular tutorial but still it’s not showing test Survey. I can’t publish the live app on Playstore until I check if its properly working.
  • Should I share sample aia with Pollfish API publicly here?? If not here then where to share the AIA with my account API? so that you can check and tell what’s the problem.

No. When TestMode is set to true, verification not needed

Right. When TestMode is true (checked), it should work. As indicated previously, send us a simple aia

You can PM me

@naveenmali_developer I checked the sample .aia that you sent me.
I believe that when in TestMode, the event “Survey Received” ( listeners ) won’t be triggered.
I’m going to tag @Andreas from Pollfish here to see if can provide details on this

Hello everyone!

Pollfish should always work in Test mode and return a test survey in every request (Game of Thrones survey)

In test mode all listeners should be firing properly (so Survey Received should be firing every time in test mode)

Hope that helps cc @naveenmali_developer @Hossein

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Tested with test mode and normal mode.I think survey received block is not triggered .I can see Surveys when i was use show survey.Please recheck implemention of pollfish component.

What should I do now??

@Ali_Aydin, @naveenmali_developer Opened up bug report. Investigating…

@naveenmali_developer @Ali_Aydin I found a minor issue when using companion.
For now, as a workaround, in Designer, uncheck the TestMode and then check again. That should do the trick.

Try it and let us know how it goes.

No, it doesn’t work. Is it working in your aia?

I just removed all blocks and only tested with “Button Click - Call Survey event” the app asks for Data permission first and once I clicked on the button, the test Survey opened instantly. It means the Survey Received block has some type of bug, its not even asking for Data permission means not even loading or calling the Survey for load. Test Survey working fine without “Survey Received” block.

Wait there is another twist, after working fine for 2 to 3 times, I opened the app again and now it’s again not showing Test Surveys even with just “Call Survey event” block (without Survey Received block). I tried again for few times and now it’s not working at all.

Tried your trick but unfortunetly its not work.

@Ali_Aydin maybe survey isn’t available. PM me your simple aia

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“when survey received” Block is not working …
when i try to call directly survey without asking it received or not it working fine
it means surveys are receiving but "survey received " block is not notifying it received or not
Can anyone help us ?

There is a huge bug and no one wanna fix it. Can’t implement Pollfish ads without making sure that the component will work fine on live app. Before I requested this question here, One of Pollfish team member approached me with the proposal to integrate these surveys in my apps but It’s not working with Kodular so I put the question here.

In my app, pollfish surveys don’t show.

You found any solution yet ?