Problem parsing package

I created an App with Thunkable, when importing the aia file to Makeroid 100%, but when i create an APK then the App crash. I started a new App ,nothing to it just a Rating bar, i create the APK with API level from 20 upwards but none of it is working, only get the error “Problem parsing your package”. I have a Samsung Note 2, Android version 4.1

Please assist

Did you use the same keystore and same packagename as the app before?

Please use API level 16

Your app does not work on your device because you are using minimum SDK 20. Use to 16 and re install your app. It will work!

Stupid mistake :slight_smile: The API level cant be higher than the software version of the phone? I need to update my software . Thanks. What API level will be accepted for new Apps on Playstore from August 2018?

You dont need to change anything for play store Support.
We did that already for every App.
This means you can upload your app to Play Store and you will have no Problems.

And yes the api can not be higher as The device Version.
Let min SDK at 14 and you will have no Problems.


Ahem, 16, @Mika.

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Yeah correct :smiley:
Before relaunch it was 14 :smiley:


I can tell you the problem. It is due to the Target API level which is not in our control we are just given the control of minimum API level not the target of API level. The target API level set by makeriod is 27 where we need only 26 . If you want to temporarily just install the apps on your device the you will need to install apk editor and the and then select that apps and custom edit and set that target API to 26. Now try installing it , it will now work. But also you cant upload it to playstore

All not true…

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For Play Store, you need minimum 26. Targetting the latest API is always a good practice.

Completely false information.