Makeroid apps Not Support All Device Phone

I have created an app from makeroid and do not support apps that support apps in samsung glaxy core2

And how should we now know whats wrong without ANY usefull information?!


I created an app in makeroid and when I installed it in my mobile, it was not installed but when I created the same app in thunkable then app installed in my Mobile phone

I am not sure, but have you seen any difference between Makeroid and Thunkable?

Makeroid apps have min api 16.
Make sure your device have min 16

Yes, but how i change Makeroid min api

There is an option on screen1. You can select from api 16 to api 28. You cant choose lower than 16

Yes I choose Makeroid api 16 but not working

Can you send me the apk?

Core (1).apk (4.1 MB)

It works on my phone

Have you installed an older version of the app? Then you need to remove it and try to install it again

Yes but its not working on my Mobile Samsung Glaxy core 2

Remove the older version of the app and install the apk

I Remove the older version but not working

The parsing error happens when there is an app install with the same package name and another keystore

But thunkable app install in my device

Do they have the same packagename?

No I double check package name not same

Then this might help