Problem while fetching data from Airtable

Hi, I am trying to fetch text from Airtable. Some of the texts are in bold form. However, the Bold text is appearing normal and Hashtag is appearing before it when I call it from the Airtable.
Is the problem with Kodular or Airtable? Any help would be appreciated.

Could you post a screenshot that shows your problem ?

This is what written in Airtable. “Hello” is in bold

And this is how it is appearing in the App.

How do you define bold in airtable ? Post a screenshot of your blocks please

Sorry, the bold Text is appearing inside Double astericks like this:

which is made bold in Airtable by selecting the text and making it bold like this:

The blocks I am using is this :

The problem is same for Headline text which I have mentioned in first post as bold mistakenly.

You should not use formating in airtable for example


Cusrtomize your data once received in app

That’s okay if I have only one or two number of bold words. What if I have n number of such bold words?

No do not customize airtable. Get data and customize text in app

Don’t use customised airtable instead use label as html and use block to make it bold