Problem with eagle

i upload both of the apk.
first is built with eagle and doesn’t works: App_eagle.apk (8.5 MB)
the second is built with draco and works fine: App_draco.apk (8.0 MB)

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What the problem is?

there are a lot of problems.
i write here:

and diego said me to open a new topic and upload both of the apk

You should still explain what the problem is



There is another problem.
Could not find component: “In-App Update”
Other than those, the update is amazing!:star_struck:

Checklist for problems solving:
Refresh page
Disable Adblock or other extensions
Clear cache
Close and open browser
Restart computer
Destroy the computer


You have to enable the experimental category from the account button (top right) -> settings

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Go to Account>Settings>Set Show experimental components to true> refresh the page> you will find in app update in experimental option


ci provo volentieri :joy:

You have to active the experimental options in settings​:wink:

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You need to enable Experimental Category by going to settings

@asimjib93 @Vishwas @Boban
it’s hard to explain, i try.
in the first screen where the title bar is “informazioni” the web component works bad, when if i swipe i see fine, otherwise i see an half of the component.
in the screen with title bar “il tuo percorso” when i select the second station(that open a new screen) the app crash.
in the screen with title bar “stato linee” when i press the back button the app crash sometimes.

Thanks, now I see it
Wow they never answered me that fast:smile:


I found another problem.:slightly_frowning_face:
After I installed my app on the device and tried to move to another page the app crashed

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me too, is one of the bug. when i press to change the screen the app crash

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We’re looking into it and should have it fixed soon! :+1:


I also found no way to export my keystore

But I don’t want the SHA-1, I want to export the regular keystore