Problem with extented web view

hi there
i’am using extended web view to improve the web viewer to download
well the problem is there is a website always the zoom percentage is 100%
i want to fit the website with the web viewer
after searching i found extension
have set initial scale block
but this extension makes the extended web view doesn’t work
how to fit the size ?

But why you want extended web viewer when we already have download component & web viewer support download items…

because blocks like loading starts

however the reasons i want to fit the view how to do that

Try it by doing fill Parent. Because I don’t know whether it’s possible or not…

i tried that
the output was the same view 100%

can i add an html code and the web viewer works on that code

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Yup… It works

i think by some way if i put this code on the web viewer and changing the value of initial scale ,any website will be fit is this true or dreams ?>

(meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0”)

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You can also use @lukegackle’s WebviewTools extension. See below

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the problem that it doesnt have blocks get url line extented web view extension
and if i used it beside the extented it will not let extented web view works
the only solution right now is edit the extented web view to be like web view tool
but i dont know how to do that