Problem with firebase

Any time I want to signup in my app it shows me some error and I don’t know where the error is coming from maybe if I show you this you will be able to help but currently I can’t show the block laptop is dead.

Firebase does not allow special characters in the path. (i.e: ‘@’ is a special character in email.)
Instead of email address, you should use some other identifier.
But, if you really want to use email as key, you’ll need to encode the string some way in order to remove the invalid characters.


The error tells you that you have used invalid characters in firebase.
So remove it use firebase.

And I think this is not related to firebase authentication.

You are using firabase databse for verification
Its ok
But it do noy accept @
So while sending data use block replace data
And while recieving do same
Then gmail will not be changed

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Please how do I encode it to remove the special character.


I will just do that thank you.

I am using the firebase authentication by kodular

Please can you show me how to create login and signup using firebase without firebase authentication. Let is in list block be used for login to detect if the email and password is already in the list of registered users. Thanks a lot.

Would you not prefer to try something yourself first? If you run into trouble you can always post your blocks and people may help you.

Store User’s mobile number (only for example, you can use as per your requirements) and password as Tag and Value respectively. And, when user try to sign in, check that stored Tag and Value with the mobile number and password user entered to log in screen. It’s simple.

That’s true it did not even cross my mind. Thank you very much.