Problem with NFC

The chips are not broken, it works with every other nfc app. Also, I tested with all 3 cards I have and none work.
Note: all 3 are different models.

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If the example does not work, it is a mistake you make because I tested it on different Android versions, different phones and it works every time.
And yes, other NFC apps have more possibilities and therefore seem to work right, still the Cup game app in Appinventor/Kodular works well.

  • Do you use an app to format the NFC tag?
    Which app do you use to format the NFC tag?
  • How do you format it?
    All settings

Sorry, I missed your reply. Again sorry for the late response.

I dont know, it just says format. I also tried with a brand new card but it doesn’t work either. I use nfc tools

  1. A brand new card won’t work.
  2. ‘Problems’ arise when you do not use a properly formatted NFC card.
    NDEF Formating prepares the NFC card for use (in Appinventor/Kodular). Like formatting a harddisk before being able to use.
  • Use the app Tagwriter (NXP)
  • There is an option Erase. Use it and than you use ‘Erase and format as NDEF’. Your NFC card should always be NDEF formated before being able to use it in Appinventor/Kodular! Otherwise it won’t work.

About the NDEF Format

Source Adafruit

NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format)

The NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) is a standardised data format that can be used to exchange information between any compatible NFC device and another NFC device or tag. The data format consists of NDEF Messages and NDEF Records . The standard is maintained by the NFC Forum and is freely available

@Mateja Did you follow my advice (NDEF formatting) and tested it again?

Sorry, yes I did, it shows “No supported app for this NFC card”

Ok, it did indeed show format failed, but after it did format successfully here is what I get…

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Did you use the app Tagwriter (NXP) to NDEF your NFC?

Yes I did

What type of NFC are you using?

A card

There is a solution. I just tested it myself.

In NXP tagwriter, choose:

  1. Write
  2. New set
  3. Normal text
  4. Type: “hello”
  5. Write
  6. Now use the NFC in Appinventor/Kodular app
    (step 5 writes plain text to the NFC, but formats the NFC before writing itself).

Will try, but now imagine this, I make an app for nfc writing and the user needs to do all of that to make it work, they would instantly uninstall it and give it a bad rating.

I’ll try to make an actual nfc extension

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You or your user always have to do this step (NDEF compatible format), to be able to use it in Appinventor/Kodular. The limitations originate in Appinventor, thus Kodular also. There is no other solution.
But of course you can make an app in another language like Java, then the restrictions do not apply.

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Are you making the nfc extension with functionality beyond the current?
That would be great.

Yes, but I am trying. I cant guarantee that I will succeed

@hormold This is a solution. See my other posts in this discussion abpout ‘problem with NFC’.

There are a lot of extension developers that are willing to help you. The developer’s community has brought us already a lot of extensions. You do not have to guarantee, I trust you and the people helping you.