Problems with capital letters

I am doing a search type, but I am facing issues with case insensitivity. I know that there are blocks in the texts section that allow us to identify if it is a text in uppercase or lowercase, but what if only the initial or some of the letters have uppercase and the other lowercase?

A user wants to search for Soup, but in the condition these blocks were put:

The previous blocks will be true, only if ALL the text is in lowercase or uppercase, but what happens if the user types “Soup” or “sOup” etc.

The soup record is registered but the user algorithm will not give him the possibility to see it because he must write all the text in lowercase or uppercase.

How can I pass a text like “Soup or” sOup "to all lowercase?

Like this



Thanks to you I found the solution, you just have to correctly organize the blocks.

corrected blocks:

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