Problems with visibility of Dynamics Components Extension in different arrangements

Hello guys!

I am having problems creating new dynamic blocks in different arrangements, that is, initially I create an arrangement1 with cardviews soon making the arrangement1 invisible. Then arrangement2 is visible and I call to create new cardviews in arrangement2. I would like to know why there are no new cardviews in arrangement2?
I tested it in two ways, only with a dynamic block for two arrangements and also with a dynamic block for each arrangement and and two ways don’t work. Would anyone have a solution to this problem without having to be deleting and constantly creating cardviews in the same arrangement?
I remind you that all the cardviews created are configured to be visible and the IDs are all different in each arrangement.

Thanks for your attention and help.


click on arrow of modulo of and select remainder of
it will work…

In this case, “module of” works perfectly for ManufacturesArrangement but when I call the MicrocontrollersArrangement block there is no cardwiew. In the MicrocontrollersArrangement there is nothing about “module of”.

according to above blocks you have not called MicrocontrollerArrangement

and also mention the extension you have used so that we can read documentation of that extension

To help understand the logic of the blocks, I highlighted with red frames in the image below.
Consider that the application has all due calls because it did not present any error. What I want is to validate with another solution, if possible, the following logic:
First, I create cardviews contained in the arrangement1 and they are all visible and with different IDs. In arrangement2 it is invisible without any cardview.
Then I make the arrangement1 invisible.
This time, I create other cardviews in arrangement2 with different IDs as well. However, none of the newly created new cardviews appear.
If I switch to arrangement1 they do appear.
So I tried to use instead of a block of the dynamic components extension for each arrangement but it also presented the same result as before.
I believe that when components IDs (in this case are cardviews) are instantiated to an arrangement once, I can only instantiate other components IDs in another arrangement if the old ones are deleted. Does that make sense? Could you please try to replicate the logic described above in a small test sample to validate this situation, please?

Thanks so much