Progressive Web App ( PWA )

Progressive Web App ( PWA )

I know you are an android app, but I use PWA, so my code is
HTML php JS css,
I’m asking is it possible to wrap my code in an android app? And if possible you have code and procedure for doing this.
I have seen some similar topics to this one of mine, but there is no specific mention of PWA


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Look :point_down: for one of the old topic in Thunkable :thunkable: community.

I don’t know if this would help you or not, OR if this is what you are looking for, but I think it will be enough to give you an idea or may be not :thinking: . Do let me know if it helps you in some way.

I have seen the suggested material but materialize I don’t need it I already have a PWA already packaged and working I would only add other unnecessary css and js. More interesting Thunkable I’m studying some suggested templates I’ll tell you.

If your website is already a PWA, you don’t have to package it in an Android app. You should be able to add the website to your home screen and open it as a native app.

If you still want to wrap an APK around your website, you should use the Web Viewer component and point it to the URL of your PWA

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Look this :

I had to go away, but now I’m going back to my project. I summarize I have a PWA already working on the web that opens as a native app. Now I was considering publishing the PWA in a market, starting from the Play Store. Google suggests using TWA (trusted apps) for publishing. I have doubts about it: to date, TWA is not very supported, also I confess despite being able to build a working one, it does not satisfy me, not being an android-developer. I cannot master the process as I would like and Android Studio is very difficult (in short, you should study the Android language to better implement a TWA), and this is not my purpose. Therefore? I am inclined to fall back on a WEB Viewer which from what I understand can be published on the markets more easily and also in a more compatible way. Any advice on the way to go?

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