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Hi! I have a question and sorry for my ignorance on this topic. Thunkable has the option to create a web application too or something similar. I would like to know how it works and if it is really possible to implement it to kodular


You want to use webview Or web component?
You have to be clear while asking question…
There are 2 Component related to web.

  1. Webview which you will find under layout then views ( Layout >views> webview)

  2. Web component
    Which you will get under connectivity

Last thing…
Kodular have more advance feature then Thunkable classic so never compare them…

Actually what did you meant by a web application?

I think he’s talking about PWA.

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hahaha no! SharedScreenshot

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Ok… So you must be clear next time while asking question…

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I was quite clear, in my language it says like this

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Actually I don’t know complete features…
So it’s little bit confusing for me…

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In search bar …

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Don’t forget to check Solved… :+1:


What is the features of this?

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