Project not saving Blocks (Need Help From Kodular Staff)

i think its probably because of your internet. but not sure. did you try using kodular is different devices and opening same project?

no i have good internet connectivity. becouse it only happening with one project. not with other


okk i will try to open and work on other device…


and of course. on pc :sweat_smile:

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yes, no problem i have 3 PC Setup… i’m trying this now and i will be back again… in just 5 min…


i have tried from another computer also but not saving my project since last 7.30m Hours i’m Just Trying and trying. Please Some one help From Kodular Staff Please…

and this thing Only Happening With one Project. Please Suggest Solutions…


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First download your AIA file and delete previous project and import the AIA from your pc in :kodular:

okk i’m trying this

i Have tried Deleting and uploading aia but still problem not solved

Still i’m in Problem

Showing This at Bottom And When i Reopen Project My Work is Lost.
I Have waiting for saving but my blocks are not saving. Please Suggest

you uploaded a aia which is not from kodular. Or ? This happend normally if you upload a appybuilder project or a thunkable project.

No I this Project is Fully Created in Kodular. And only in Kodular…

did you try to delete your cache and cookies and than try again

yes have creared Several time Cookies and cached of Chrome. and also reinstalled chrome browser. deleting and reuploading file is tried. i have also tried from other computer. but i can’t understand whats wrong.

you can see here i’m working on this project since 25Jan. and this project is not from other platform.

ok thats strange, i have no idea, maybe someone of the team can help you. Did you try to dowmload your aia than delete the project and upload it again. Or upload it under a other name.

i have tried this also

make a new account and try it there if it dont work than also your aia have problems.

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okk i’will make Other account and upload aia on this. okk Thanks for your suggestion.

if this not work i’m planing to Do it again from start to end. there is not other way. i think.

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´with that you can check if your account have a problem or your aia