Provide Google login instructions on Play Console

Hello everyone.
I’m creating an app that requires Google login to access. That is, you need a Google account and there is no other way to log in.

The problem is that Google has rejected it for me because I don’t give the instructions to sign in (when I specify that any Google account is needed to use it). Do I need to give them a Google account email and password to access? It seems like a ridiculous solution to me, so I hope your help.

You must provide login credentials in Data Security in Google Console specify that the application needs permission to access and provide an active account on the application by giving them mail and password to try the application

I hope this is the solution

Can you please provide a screenshot of that Google measage…


I tried different ways but they always reject me. At last I created a test gmail account for that . Try to send changes more times and explain how login works in the note . Yes it’s very silly :joy:

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Here you have screenshots from the email received: