Purchase History

how do i make purchase history please help

Whenever user purchase save the required values in tinydb and create the design which you want

Using an online DB would be secure and help you store data for a longtime.

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I want it via firebase specific to each user please help

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you should learn to ask questions correctly… we have a guide for that here How to ask a question?
Your question is very vague… and depending on the circumstances the answers are different…
Therefore please elaborate… and: are you uploading your app to Google Play?

and as you also have been asking here recently [Free] InAppBilling - Sell your digital product from your android application - #121 by Burak_bas let me guess you are using In App Billing? So why not asking the question in the corresponding thread? The In App Billing extension can give you the purchase history…


If you are talking about InAppBilling extension then,

Hello I didn’t mention this extension. I want to create an order history from firebase like this

Use either dynamic component or recycler view extension

How can I get this data specific to the identity of users from firebase?

Show us your FB structure for a user

Ref this(sample)

my blocks like this;

Before taking a screenshot it woud help very much to first switch the language to English… see again How to ask a question?


something very common is to see that people dealing with sensitive data in firebase do not work with api, security rules, token, encryption, etc. This leaves user information very vulnerable. It will be due to ignorance or comfort?