Push Notification From App

In this tutorial you will know how to send push notification with app :blush:
Step 1 : Use one text box for notification title and another for message
Step 2 : Use one button to send Notifications

You can use notifier to show notification after sending but I used button .

Let’s check the blocks ,

#Use rest API key not api#

Don’t forget to use rest API key like this ,

You can easily understand the block section if not feel free to comment .


Download test app and AIA from here ,
Test.apk (5.5 MB)
Push_notification.aia (2.4 KB)
Happy Koding :heart_eyes:


Thank you for this tutorial! Smooth and easy.

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when i import app id in push notification component …it remove automatically

Use push notification always on screen 1 bro


ok got it thanks

thanks you are good man

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Thanks for this tutorial, very precise and easy. Didnt work in companion but it did work installed as apk

what is rest api key in .send message used for

May be you can read the topic first before asking…


and also whenever i type the onesignal id in the properties it erases it

You can see here:

and here:

also here:

may be here:

And what about here?


you are the best :smile: :+1:

Thanks :sweat_smile:

Will it not work on other screens ?