Question about google billing and google ads mob if dont have playstore

i have problem

i dont have google play console anymore due to banned or suspended by google for reason i dont really know

now the question is

how i can earn money if i dont have google play console
i have use third party account to upload other of my app, but its without my play console id or etc.
i just give them my apk and they upload it in their google play account

so isit posible to use kodular id for in app billing ?
and isit ok too for admob

so maybe google pay kodular and kodular pay me after that

thanks in advance

No to everything.

Use a different ad network such as facebook.

Also Google will have told you the reason why your account was banned. It will have been because you tried to cheat or did not follow their policies.

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i just make new console and havent upload anything, and when i try to upload after a month it got suspended

Create another account by using different debit/credit card.