Question about Taifun File extension

well, it is working on my Samsung A51 device running Android 10 and your device (what do you have and which Android version?) using this path to the assets

and as @Boban pointed out, there is a big mess concerning the path to the assets for the companion app depending on Android version and probably more, see the different paths for Android 10…

it would be good to know, which rule to follow to get a working solution for all devices and Android versions…


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Android 9 (Note8):


Android 10 (OnePlus6):


Android 11 (Pixel 2XL):


That doesn’t make any sense at all.


@Taifun Can you please explain what exactly this bugfix is supposed to mean.

Thank you @bodymindpower for your tests…
Did you test in production or beta server?
Which version of the companion app are you using?

This means, version 13 of the file extension used the following rule for the Kodular companion app assets path (MIT App Inventor is different)

Android < 10
Android >= 10

And version 13a now uses only this path, because as of today this was the path I got for my Android 10 device…

PS: I’m aware, that this will not be the final solution… still trying to understand the correct rule to be able to provide a solution for all devices and Android versions

Hello. I have another question. How to update an extension. I have this message If I just want to import the new version :

I wanted to import TaifunFile and it tells me an error on TaifunZip!?! If I delete the extension before importing the new one, all the blocks of this extension are deleted. How to do. thank you in advance

Production. (Beta works as it should.)

  • 1.4D.1Eagle and
  • 1.4C.5Eagle

Both don’t work on Android 11.

Obviously this was introduced only for Android 10 and not (as it should be) for Android ≥ 10.

Means the path to the assets on Android 11 with Companion is still:


It works. thank you very much

This is the path to the assets on Beta server for API < 29 (→ Companion).

So this path is changed for the second time: :upside_down_face:

  • /storage/emulated/0/AppInventor/assets/
  • /storage/emulated/0/Makeroid/assets/
  • /storage/emulated/0/Kodular/assets/

The path to assets for API ≥ 29 (→ Beta server) is:


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thank you… good to know…
I will do another update as soon as the new version goes in production…

still some makeroid inside…
@Kodular why not publishing the companion app as io.kodular.companion ?


Yes, good question.
But it would be just as good to ask why not leave it at “Makeroid” for Android < 10, instead of changing this for the second time and causing confusion (not least with regard to extensions).

Likely because they’d have to republish it.

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See also here:

Exactly what @hammerhai said:

and where exactly is the problem to republish it?

The assets are stored just like App Inventor now, except that “AppInventor” in the path has been replaced by “Kodular” in order to prevent conflicts with the MIT App Inventor companion.

Every occurrences of “Makeroid” has now been replaced with “Kodular”

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@Boban @bodymindpower @Taifun Could you please test the asset path behaviour with the beta server? I need to ensure that changes made for Android 11 requirement don’t break the functionality.

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@pavi2410 please first describe, what exactly has been changed and for which Android versions
@bodymindpower it seems to be, you are testing with a device older than Android 10? it might be easier to understand your test results if you could add, whether the result of a test was as expected or not…