Receiving more than 1 data at a time

I need to receive more than 1 data in ReceIve section of my app . Is the block RIGHT ? . THE received data is in the form of an sms (text message ) from another phone using the same app in Send section . The data is in the form of 2 float number .
Receive Section :

Send Section :

have you tried it?
Also i think you need to set receiving enabled at screen initialization.
Also i thin you are setting the labels text to wrong variable.It must be td4 & td3 as i think.Or what.

i cannot set receiving enabled at screen initialization as Receiving enabled is a block itself if u had seen the block in receiving section
Is the block ( button 2 click) correct since i m passing the values as sms to the required number ??
I had created a list and seprated the received data using the blocks in receiving section . Is it Correct???
Thanking u in advance :slight_smile:

That what i mean.You must enable the reciving enabled block at screen intialization and not after reciving.

I think so.But you need to test it.

Yes.But again you must try it.

Hi i have a doubt . Is this block correct so that google playstore does not reject the app on the basis of privacy.?
Thank U in advance.