Request to @Kodular

Hello @Kodular Team, I have a request that can you PLEASE provide us option to add title bar icons without showing more options, as we all know the about screen is the main problem, I don’t feel bad with about menu but it comes on every screen which is bad and unprofessional, I tried everything, Custom Title bar and some action bar extensions. but the stability and that clickable area that hovering is in original android title bar only.

see the screenshot below its too satisfying proper space, proper hovering, proper clickable area,

I am not telling Custom Title bar is bad, It fulfills all my needs but Original is ORIGINAL

I am also using Custom Title bar with scrolling and it works great and using DevYB popup menu and used buttons and labels but at that place in some devices RESPONSIVENESS is not available like If I am using responsive extension then in split-screen it is looking worst and in the landscape also. Here is an example of split screen mode while using responsive extension and without it, It looks too big in Split-Screen.

So Please @Kodular Team try to fulfill my request,

You already have that by removing branding.

It requires to purchase

and I just want them to remove branding from other screens except the home screen as, If I had written about my app in home screen so why, I should write in every screen and It is not really needed to write about app again, It looks unprofessional,

I am Sorry if this topic was a silly question.

Kodular needs to charge for some things in order to remain in business.

So pay to remove it.

you can create title bar dynamically with other components