Retrieving data from firebase

hi i have a problem to retrieve data from firebase
here is the format of data i got when i do a got tag value request :

{item1={propriety =“smooth”, color =“pink”} <=it’s not the real data but they are formated like that

it’s not json for sure !

i could turn it in a list of list but for me it’s as difficult to operate than this !

May i have to use an extension to read data from firebase ?


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Nope… No extension required to read data from firebase…

I was lost for a while and i found a solution

Why not share that solution. Thats the purpose of a forum.

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@cgds91240 can you reply to this comment?


i was thinking i found a solution but it works randomly and i know logical is there but sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
is it a bug retrieving list from firebase with kodular i don’t know ?
so i try with an another dev platform (always withoud coding) …