Run Time Error is showing

Can someone please help me? I don’t know what to do here, I can’t save any input because there’s a run time error in the selection list .

Why do you have 2 accounts?

This is the error when I try to save input

the other email is for school purposes, i made a mistake

make sure how many items you are storing in the tiny , and are you taking the correct values once again, pls cross check
Because the above block working properly, see the response in my app

(Suggestion: Cross check your tinydb, else . If you are trying in companion some previous residual values may be gives you this problem. So clear all and start to try from the beginning)

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this is the select list item

Where can I find information on how many items I can store in the tinydb?

The easiest way to solve your problems is to use Do it to debug your blocks

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Try the same after connecting in companion


Oh, already it is shared by dora…

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Thank you everyone for replying… this is what happened

Are you sure , in your list items <br> is appear

I think You cannot do right click just like what you have tried, because it contain local variable … drag this block, click Do it, then post the screenshot


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this one?


sorry here

So which one should i remove?

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remove what sorry?

i didnt notice the get entries , here

Which community account. The one you are using now or the other one. You can only have one account on the community.

yes but your image is not clear… show us full view to guess the correct index