Select list item doesn't working or who knows

Hi everyone!

I can’t understand this problem, i’m getting mad from few days ago, trying a solution.

I’ve watched quite enough topics in this list without luck ----->

I coded this and it always appears the runtime error
I did as the people say in forum, I use Do it and debugged it as possible, and tried lot of things… for days…

The list variable from what is about to select item by index comes coded from another project part, all right at all there… You can see the content of the list in the result of Do it
The Do it result for select list item is fully ok
But the Do it result in the last variable is an empty list…

Then i added a new screen to try the same and there is not the problem…

So i’m not able to understand the difference

Thanks lots in advance!!

You have to use Do it in set global variable to … first and then on get block …, or run then procedure and then …

Thanks Dora for answer!
OK, understood, just got it and one more thing learned now

But, what’s the matter about the runtime error?
Why the notifier is telling about an empty list when the Do it result shows a not empty one?

Thanks in advance

I am really confused
I’m testing my project with Companion
I’ve coded a restart button, and despite the runtime error, if i press it, then things goes fine and no error appears!
But if i test my project by new connection to Companion, then the notifier of runtime error appears back

What’s happening, please?
Thanks again

Instead of adding create empty list for global new and now in initialise block, just add an empty string and try

In case 1 you have initialised both the variablr with create empty list , and you cannot set items directly like this to an empty list, you need to use copy the list block , I hope so…

In case 2, you are setting the particular value to a variable and you are catching directly on label so it works… simple…

Since I can not see all your blocks somewhere in your code you set your list to an empty list or you do not get data from a database…Otherwise post a test aia to check it

Thanks for your answers!
After a lot of tries without any bit of luck…

In my project i need lists

I try to understand… bit hard for me

By now i’m posting some images of the relevant part which is not rightly working for me, hope useful
I copied the relevant part of my code into a new screen…
At starting, the Runtime Error appears

If I use Do it at first time straightly on the issue block

Now, if i use Do it on the call block…

So, if my project stops when starting, but if it’s “refreshed”… then goes fine,
how/what do i must to do?

Thanks in advance!

Move procedure after global all rows created

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Hi again!

That was great! Thanks lot!
I fixed out my problem and used your solution for the first one of all here in this topic!

Thaaannks indeed!

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