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Hi everyone, I have a webview of my site and I would like to know if there is a way when the user closes the app, the webview will come back from the page he left off. Tahnks so Much

blocks (5)

blocks (6)

Hi, I made the blocks exactly as shown. However, when I’m going to compile to test the App it closes for some error, do I leave to declare something else? I’m going to attach the aia project, and print the blocks here.

TiMOB.aia (176.5 KB)

these fields are empty
It is compiling with no issue for me…


However apk may not function in some devices due to incomplete fields

also noted that in the screen init you have not arranged the blocks properly… pls rearrange like this


Found companion working fine for me… but dont know what to fill in the box :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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This works and runs ok

TiMOB_1.aia (176.6 KB)

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@dora_paz and @Still-learning Thanks So much. Now save 100%

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For people who have the same doubts, and find this post, I made a modification only in the blocks, which for me works better, it may be that for others it works in the methodology already passed by @dora_paz
and @Still-learning . Anyway, I modified the block that saves information in TinyDB, which instead of saving when I press the back button, it saves as soon as the page loads, worked better for me. I’ll print the blocks and post the project to anyone who needs it.

TiMOB_1.aia (176.3 KB)

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