Screen not found issue!

I’ve no idea what’s going on! Spent all my day trying several methods, but in vain! I can’t switch to the screen that is not created but imported into the project.

Note: Tribblehunter’s Multiple Screen Method fails too! :thinking:

Here are some quick view below for better understanding.


:point_up_2: Failed to function!

:point_up_2: Screen that I imported!

:point_up_2: Confirms that screen do exist!

Another try (Failed!) :point_down:

blocks (4)

I can only suspect that imported screen never got properly imported, can you check the aia file…

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Thank you Boban for reply.

At a point, I also thought that. But I think the screen imported with all it’s property because :

  1. I removed all blocks and external extensions before exporting the ais.
  2. Editor normaly allows me to edit the imported screen (no error).

Sure. I am still trying… :slightly_smiling_face:

Also check the ais file as well, that it only contains 1 screen…

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