[Screen Orientation] Sensor Portrait returns error 901

Yesterday (give or take one day) I got the Fenix update notification and one thing changed in my project that is annoying me a lot.

I used to have the app with the Screen Orientation property set to Sensor Portrait believing that this would allow the user to have the screen rotate 0º and 180º degrees only (and so it seemed to work fine).
The problem is that since said update an error keeps popping up and I had to set the Screen Orientation to Portrait and hope no one would notice the absence of the 180º degree option (“Error 901: The specified screen orientation is not valid: SensorProtrait”).

Is there a bug on the update?
Is there a workaround?
Could my project got corrupted?


(I don’t think I’m duplicating any posts)

Are you testing as apk or with companion ?

Sorry. It’s on the APK itself.

With the Companion app it takes quite a bit to change screens so I have no way to confirm it also happens (warning might disappear).

Also, it take WAY longer to compile and export both apk and aab files.
Should I export the screens to another project and test it?

I believe you should wait till problems resolves with latest update and after the fix see if problem persist. For now I suggest to be patient and don’t make any changes

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you could try to set the screen orientation in the blocks during Screen.Initialize using the new helper blocks

I was thinking of opening another thread, but as I believe the problems are related, I preferred mentioning here.

Even doing this procedure, the problem remains, because somehow, it seems to be in the transition before the screen starts. And if the SensorPortrait is set in properties or blocks, the error message is shown as @Calenulma mentioned.

There seems to be a bug in the screen orientation sensor, because in my projects (both in companion or apk) even though the orientation is set to portrait, when starting the app and/or switching screens, if the phone is lying a little bit, the screen rotates to landscape and back to portrait. As the size adjustments are in the initialize block the images and fonts are big and distorted.


I’m guessing the issue IS related with the compile process as the SDK 4.4 seems to have been dropped and Android 5.0 - 5.0.2 (API 21) is the minimum.


It HAS TO BE that. The project had no SDK selected and it was taking about 5 minutes to export the APK.
I have just selected 5.0 and it took 30-40 seconds.

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It’s a bug, and it has been fixed for the next update.


Great! Thanks!
Any ETA on that? Even with an error margin?

Please make sure, reversePotrait and work too. I need to make a Screen Reverse Only.

Desparately waiting for this fix.

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