Screenshot Maker

(Pavitra Golchha) #1

I recently open sourced one of my apps (incomplete) built with Thunkable. If anyone wants to take it to the next level, feel free to do so.

Note that most of the components aren’t compatible with Kodular and given that I created this 2 years ago, we have to almost recreate it in Kodular.

Anyone up for grabs?

(Franck G) #3

Good idea!
Maybe I can do it if I have time!
I also used screener, but there is no text, there are no new frames

(Yusuf Cihan) #4

I didn’t know you made a device frame generator, that’s great! Maybe I can modify for Kodular if I have time. Also I have some ideas to improve it.

(Franck G) #5

I’ve deleted eveything that not compatible with Kodular to try to make it work with it :slight_smile:

EDIT : Working in Kodular

(Franck G) #6

Updated UI, 100% compatible with Kodular and Color picker now use a bottom sheet

(Franck G) #7

I still have a lot of things to add, and a lot of bugs to fix :wink:


Instead of showing screenshots only it would be good If you provide the aia file for everyone since the original file is open source.

(Franck G) #9

Yes, i will give it when i finish :wink:

(Drafat) #10

Very nice.