SDK 28 not support Android 5.1 why

alleys support SDK 28 thunkable any low version android support but kodular not support

Hello and what is your question? :sweat_smile:

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They probably set Min API to 28 and now can’t install on 5.1.

Good guess! :+1:

Click on Notification Bar in Designer >> Find Min. SDK in Property panel below Advanced Property>> Set Min. SDK Android 4.4. -4.4.4 (API 19) >> That’s All
Then your app can Run on 99.0% Devices in the world as per Google’s Record(I Don’t Know). And there is chance for your Device:sunglasses:

The lowest I recommend is 5.0 because of the proper Material Design implementation and API changes.


Minimum sdk 19 and Target skd 28.
Is support my android 5.1 Oppo A37 Device.

It depends on your app’s minimum sdk not on target sdk(as it will be always set to latest android version)

Yes it will.

If sdk 19 install Android 9 users, then they will show ads on their mobile.?

yes. There is Simple Logic. Lower Android SDK Acceptable in Higher SDK Android Version.

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