Search by date google sheets putting plus 15 days

I’m looking for a date with more than 15 days on google sheets
so I can’t get answers to this.

I had help from our friend
with the following line of thought A, B, C, D, E where E = date “TEXT(“13/02/2023”;“yyyy-mm-dd”)”

can someone help with this cogido line?

15 days of what?

From current date with gsheet date?

if you store the date in yyyy-MM-dd format then you use this url A, B, C, D, E where E = date '2023-03-13'

how can we help you, while your data is invalid and always changing, after the problem is solved your sheet is different from the new one, then you ask for a solution again but your sheet is different again. ???

I suggest to learn crud data and query.

good morning everybody

I’m using a different worksheet from the template
that’s why I’m always sending another one different from the final one
but the instructions are always the same

I would just like to put another 15 days after choosing the date

would be fortnightly
the result

Get current date, add +15 then use the logic H >= ‘(your date +15)’

no result friend A,B,C, E Where E=date ‘2023-02-13 + 15’

your dates are not in yyyy-MM-dd format… google will throw the error


nothing yet friend

no results


nope you have not changed the date format… else you will get result… also +15 you should not use in the url… before making request just add +15 to the date and new date put it in the url

test this link


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in automatic there is no way

in this model with you
I wanted with the date I choose automatically plus 15 days ahead without having to choose

test this aia

Gsheet(2).aia (26.1 KB)

pick the random date from date picker, it will show you 15 days from the picked date, if data available

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thank you very much

thank you very much

almost at the end of the app

Do you expect like that? or someother like?

in truth no

but it’s already a big help

I will convert it into a pdf for an A4 sheet

but it was a big help

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