Search Sheets with come with reverse date, when pulling more than 3 results

I’m doing a search coming from sheets where when I select the dates it brings me results.

Only up to 3 items is normal with the date
then when I include more search results the date comes in reverse

our friend @Still-learning

was that it helped at the beginning of the solution we changed but I think this method got better. can anyone help

Controle_Palito_Doce_delta.aia (2.3 MB)

Now your query become more complicated…

Well… in your query just try to add this line at the end and try …

Order by H asc


Order by H desc

Instead of H you can use any col

the date is reversed with more than 3 items
it’s like this 2023-1-7
having only 3 items it comes normal

where is the error


follow command html
reverse dates when I count column F A,B,H,count(F) Where J >=44930 and J <=44931 group by A,B,H A,B,H Where J >=44930 and J <=44931

any help with this command

It is not called reverse date… you are grouping the col so depending upon the availablity of items it is doing like that… as i pinted out earlier pls use Order by line

try any of the following method

Method 1 (ordered by Name) A,B,H,count(F) Where J >=44930 and J <=44931 group by A,B,H Order by B


Method 2 (ordered by date) A,B,H,count(F) Where J >=44930 and J <=44931 group by A,B,H Order by H


also see date value in my gsheet

friend let’s go it is not in order, but the date is by year, day and month I would like day month and year
my english is not good

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