Search using text and voice

I have a Json from the zip codes of my city. Through a text field when entering the zip code, when it finds, it automatically fills in the street, neighborhood, city and state fields. I want to use a text field, voice command and a listview, that is, as the user is typing or speaking the zip code, the street address will list the addresses in the listview. It would be more or less what happens in Uber. In Uber in the destination field you type in the address and a list of local addresses and numbers will appear. I know your cell phone has GPS on. Does anyone have any tutorial or model to pass?

Use the speech to text block for this purpose. I’m not at the computer, I would show the blocks

Excellent. If you can show me, I thank you.

it is too easy just call the speech recognizer and then and it show the text when it got text

So, if it were easy I wouldn’t have asked. I’m sorry. I need to know how I do it not by filling in the TextBox but that it appears in the listview as it happens in Uber, only by voice. I honestly don’t know how to do this.

In the Click event of a button put:


then take the result and use to filter your zip code list.

do you mean this

blocks (3) blocks (5)

take this code it will help :wink: